Bluelliant®A pair of 39mm clip-on motorcycle handlebars Fit For Harley-Davidson


Please check the fork tube size before you purchase

Universal <strong><span style="color:#E53333;">22mm(7/8")</span></strong> handlebar, can fix on most<strong><span style="color:#003399;"> 39mm(1-1/2")</span></strong> fork tube

Fits All Models of Harley-Davidson with 39mm Fork Tubes

Color: anodized black

Material: high strength billet T6061 aluminum

Clamp Size: 39mm(1.5") hole diameter,40mm height

Tube Size: approx 22mm(7/8") diameters,300mm length

Metal and Delrin plastic end enhance a finishing look

Installation instructions not included

Aftermarket 39mm racing style clip-on handlebars replacement

Quick release,precision CNC machined for perfect fit

Ergonomic design reduces driving fatigue and discomfort

Angled 10 degrees down for optimal riding position,enhance better motorcycle control

Can replace the handlebar tube instead of entire clip-on after a crash

Package Included:

A pair of 39mm clip-on motorcycle handlebars